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angularJS开发指南(angularJS developer guide) 之二

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angularJS开发指南(angularJS developer guide) 之二

Directive 指令

大致意思::指令是当关联的HTML结构进入编译阶段时应该执行的操作。指令可以写在很多地方<span ng-bind="exp"></span>

<span class="ng-bind: exp;"></span> <ng-bind></ng-bind> <!-- directive: ng-bind exp --> <!doctype html> <html ng-app="drag"> <head> <script src=""></script> <script src="script.js"></script> </head> <body> <span draggable>Drag ME</span> </body> </html> scirpt.js angular.module('drag', []). directive('draggable', function($document) { var startX=0, startY=0, x = 0, y = 0; return function(scope, element, attr) { element.css({ position: 'relative', border: '1px solid red', backgroundColor: 'lightgrey', cursor: 'pointer' }); element.bind('mousedown', function(event) { startX = event.screenX - x; startY = event.screenY - y; $document.bind('mousemove', mousemove); $document.bind('mouseup', mouseup); }); function mousemove(event) { y = event.screenY - startY; x = event.screenX - startX; element.css({ top: y + 'px', left: x + 'px' }); } function mouseup() { $document.unbind('mousemove', mousemove); $document.unbind('mouseup', mouseup); }

Understanding View 理解视图
There are many templating systems out there. Most of them consume a static string template and combine it with data, resulting in a new string. The resulting text is then innerHTMLed into an element.
网上有很多模板系统,很多就是将静态的字符模板和数据绑定,生成新字符,然后通 过innerHTML插入到页面元素中”


Angular is different. The Angular compiler consumes the DOM with directives, not string templates. The result is a linking function, which when combined with a scope model results in a live view. The view and scope model bindings are transparent. No action from the developer is needed to update the view. And because no innerHTML is used there are no issues of clobbering user input. Furthermore, Angular directives can contain not just text bindings, but behavioral constructs as well.
angular 不是这样的,AngularJS编译器使用的是带指令的DOM。

The Angular approach produces a stable DOM. This means that the DOM element instance bound to a model item instance does not change for the lifetime of the binding. This means that the code can get hold of the elements and register event handlers and know that the reference will not be destroyed by template data merge.

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